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Monday, 2 March 2015

Your Transport Can Cost Less - For You And For All Of Us

The cost of transport to households and the community is an important issue. 

Ways of reducing the cost were partly addressed in the recent report by the Australasian Railway Association on the 'Costs of Commuting' and the importance of the issue has been reinforced by the front page piece on the report 'City Limits' ( the West Australian of 2nd March 2015. 
West Australian, 2nd March, 2015. Click to enlarge
The STC piece below draws attention to the benefits to individuals and the community that are achievable through less-costly and less-time-consuming changes in individual behaviour and, importantly, in the taxation and remuneration systems, where governments can provide a lead without incurring substantial costs.

By no means all of the opportunities lie in the area of transport itself. Reform of Fringe Benefits Tax and providing greater flexibility in remuneration systems and salary-packaging can achieve substantial benefits with state and federal governments taking the lead - at little or no net cost.

Approved: STC Committee Meeting, 17th February, 2015
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Sustainable Transport Coalition of WA:

Written and Posted by Ian Ker, Convenor, STCWA.

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  1. Hallelujah! Finally something good is gonna happen. Transportation is pretty expensive here and with cost reduction this will do us huge favors!