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Monday, 24 February 2014

People Are Always Important - Not Just In The Arts Season

Letter to the Editor, The West Australian

Pedestrians are the lifeblood of the city

Your editorial, “Summer arts season helps clean up streets” (24 February), makes the valid point that the large number of people has transformed Northbridge into a safe place.
The Sustainable Transport Coalition has long been advocating the importance of pedestrians to city life. Pedestrians add vitality and interest, they are the eyes on the street that reduce crime, they are the shop and business customers, and there is evidence that the active transport modes (walking and cycling) help reduce obesity, improve health, reduce congestion and CO2 emissions.
So why is it that our transport and land use planners give so little attention to pedestrians? Sure, car and truck transport are important, and so is public transport. A similar level of recognition given to the pedestrians could make big improvements in many parts of Perth.

David Rice
Convener, Sustainable Transport Coalition of WA

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